Summer Weather & Updates

May 4, 2018

I am so thrilled! Warm weather is finally upon us here in New Hampshire- I am currently sitting out on my deck in 80 degree temps, sipping on a Captain & Coke! ;) This last semester has sincerely gotten the best of me- I was so so busy with school and work that I hardly had time to even think of a blog post to write. But now, I just finished one of my finals today and have one more on Wednesday- and then I'm done for the summer!
I really do love this blog- with all of my heart. I have worked very hard to get to this point and I am not planning on ditching the blogging life anytime soon! This summer will be filled with new content and fun posts- I even want to include some beauty related videos- just talking about my newest finds and favorites! It's always been a dream of mine to start a YouTube Channel so minds well start now!
I have also been super busy with getting my jewelry into P&H's first physical location- at The Hair Company in Nashua! That took a whole lot of preparation to do and lots of labor! (I had to create a ton of inventory all in one night to get it ready for the order fulfillment- so much fun though!)
I currently have my etsy shop on "vacation mode" - for the next two weeks until I am settled into not having school and my new work schedule. I am planning on creating a whole bunch of inventory for my Etsy shop and will be able to work on new pieces much more frequently in the summer with no school in the way! I have so many ideas and visions for what I want to create- so expect some newness to come soon!!
There are also so many new beauty pieces that I want to talk about on here and I want to dedicate a section of this blog to beauty - so expect that as well!

I just wanted to give a quick update since it has been so long- but definitely be on the lookout for new content soon! Love you all xo

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