How To Make Your Days Off Productive

January 22, 2018

Hello loves, happy Monday! I had a really productive weekend and it felt so great! As I was checking things off my to do list, I felt compelled to share my ways so that anyone who reads this can try out my tips and make their days off productive too! Sometimes, on my days off from work I tend to get lazy and get lost in Fixer Upper marathons and can hardly get myself up to get things done. However, there are definitely steps you can take to set the tone of your day into a productive one, and here are mine! 

1. Make your bed and tidy up your space:
It's hard for me to get anything done if the space I work in is cluttered and messy. So for me, (if I haven't the night before) I will start my mornings off by tidying and organizing my space. I also always (if I have time) make my bed. There is nothing more satisfying/rewarding than coming home after a long day to a made bed! Having my space organized sets my day up for more success because I feel like everything is in its place, ready to go. 

2. Light your favorite candles
This is also another step I love doing to make my days more productive. I love smelling lovely scents that make me happy. I also really HIGHLY suggest buying a Crystal Journey Candle- specifically the Motivation one. I am not kidding, this candle does wonders... if you've tried everything and anything to focus on tasks and getting things done and nothing has worked, TRY this candle out. It has seriously changed the way I work and it really is like the natural version of  Adderall. It gets you to focus on all of the tasks at hand and gives you the motivation to start a project and actually finish it. Each candle comes with a little "how to" use paper and a phrase that you can say to make the candles work wonderfully. This has a lot to do with the law of attraction and the way you think- and using your power to make your life work in your favor. 

3. Put on your favorite playlist
The kind of music I listen to depends on what kind of mood I'm in, but listening to any music that I love makes me motivated. Some of my favorite Spotify stations to put on are Mac Demarco, Neil Halstead, Bill Evans, Frank Sinatra, and Fleetwood Mac.

4. Write out a to-do list for the day
 I used to always write out my to do lists, but now I've switched to using my phone/laptop and the app Todoist. It's honestly such a great app to write out lists and is also really satisfying when you check things off. It syncs with your laptop and phone which is also really convenient! Don't get me wrong, I am such a pen and paper kind of gal- when I think of new ideas/projects/plans I love writing it down- and I really think this helps to make your day productive. 

5. Plan our your outfit for the day and change out of your pjs
This is also something I am sooo guilty of. When I have days off, I am so used to just staying comfy in my pjs/loungewear, but often times this is the reason why I can't get anything done because it also makes me feel super lazy and unmotivated. I love wearing loungewear, the FIRST thing I do when I get home from work or classes is change into comfortable clothes, but when you're trying to accomplish tasks for the day changing into an outfit that makes you feel great really helps you to get out of that "lazy" funk.

I hope you enjoyed this post- and if you have any days off this week give these steps a try and let me know how it worked for you in the comments below! I'd love to hear how it went :) 


  1. These are great ways to be productive! I especially like the last one because I used to be guilty of it all the time until I got myself some pretty and comfy lounge-wear!

    Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

    1. Yess exactly! Some of my favorite lounge wear/leisure wear is from Ann Taylor within their luxewear collection! The pieces are stunnning and at such a great price point :)

  2. Thanks girl!! Gah, getting motivation can be so hard. I love lighting some candles for sure!

  3. These are all great tips, I really need to organize my closet

  4. Love these tips, girlie! It's definitely tough to get motivated some days. Writing out a to do list and then working out to kickstart my day always helps!


    1. That's always something I've wanted to incorporate into my days- working out! I seriously need to make it apart of my daily routine, whenever I do work out it always makes me feel so refreshed and motivated :)