My Holy Grail Skincare Products

February 1, 2018

Hi loves! Today, I am sharing with you the 5 products that saved my skin. I can't even describe to you the instant changes I saw when I started using the combination of all products together. These are all super affordable and easy to get from your local drugstore! 
My skin was breaking out and was very irritated and sensitive. I also have insanely dry skin with a little bit of oil in my t-zone. It was soo hard to combat this problem and I never knew what to do about it- it felt like I had tried everything! I had switched to a different birth control called Lornya and I was lovvving the way it worked for me- especially because it is meant to help treat acne and did wonders for my skin. However, I had to switch to a generic version of Lornya called Yaz and absolutely hated it. It was the reason my skin had started breaking out so badly again. However, by the second month I believe my skin got used to the pill and I noticed such a big difference in the way my skin was behaving.  In addition to switching birth control, I also started using the following products consistently and they all saved my skin!

1. Fish Oil Pills: Omega-3 fatty acids (which are what is in fish oil pills) are unbelievably healthy for your skin and body. They have amazing skin healing and nourishing properties and really help maintain your skins oil levels. 
2. Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser: This product is amazing for the price you pay for it. My mom has always sworn by this face wash and for as long as I can remember I've seen it stocked in our bathroom. When my skin was breaking out a few months back, I had ran out of my face wash and then decided to give this one a try. I can't even believe how amazing this made my skin feel and I started noticing improvements in my skins texture within just the first couple washes. This is such a great product for people with dry and sensitive skin because it cleans and purifies the skin while also being gentle and nourishing. 
3. Hair Skin & Nails Gummies by Nature Bounty: This product is probably the one that I saw the MOST changes in the fastest. Biotin is great for skin, hair & nails, and (I'm not even kidding) like the second or third day I was using these gummies one of my friends at work commented on my hair and said that it looks super long and healthy. I think this product does wonders and it really helps to maintain healthy hair and keep it strong, shiny, and long. They also made my nails grow super long and strong as well! I've tried many different brands of Biotin and I always find myself coming back to the Nature's Bounty ones- they taste so amazing and are easy to take! I take my vitamins at night, right before I go to bed for some reason- I just made it apart of my nightly routine, I keep them on my bedside table and take them just as I'm about to hit the pillow! I know vitamins can be tricky to take without food and I'm usually super sensitive to nausea that is associated with medications, but these have been fine with me even taking without a meal.

4. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief:  THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL MAKE UP PRODUCT. I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE TO YOU HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS MOISTURIZER. I sampled this product over the summer and I loved it so so much, I tried to get as much use out of the tiny little cap sized sample that I could. When I looked back on photos of the summer I kept saying, "wow... my skin looked amazing" and little did I realize (in combination with vitamin D) this little product was saving my skin. Once I ran out I continued to make do with some of the other products I had, but over time my skin started to regress and hence the reason why a couple months went by and my skin started to break out again.
I asked for this set for Christmas and started using it the day I received it, and when I woke up the next morning I am not kidding you guys this product literally made any blemishes that I had VANISH, evened my skin tone and texture, and hydrated my skin to the most supple and soft feeling ever. This is my go to moisturizer and I love it so so dearly. I hope they never discontinue it! The only thing I would say with a negative connotation about this product is that it runs out kind of fast, and the way they packaged it is (beautiful) but unsanitary since you constantly have to dip your fingers into the jar to get the product. 
The consistency of this product is similar to a gel-type, but it feels silicone free and nice and light on the skin. Your skin feels hydrated the second you apply it, but since it is so light I find myself having to go into the jar more than 3 timesish to get the right amount for my dry and sad skin. On the days that my skin is SCREAMING for hydration and is peeling and flaking, I reach for the....
5. Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask: When my skin is super dry I use this product instead of the moisturizer. This one is much thicker and I use less of this to apply all over my face. It really sinks into your skin and heals any dryness. The next morning I'll find that I need to wash it off and really use my face wash to get all of it off- but hey I'll sacrifice if that means beautiful, supple and hydrated skin!

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