March 2017 Favorites

April 14, 2017

Hi loves! Like I said in yesterdays post, I can't even believe how long it's been since I've last had the second to blog! It's made me so sad leaving it unattended, it really does break my heart! I have been SO busy this past month or so with school and work, everything kind of just snuck up on me. I know it's a little late, but I wanted to include a collection of all of the fashion and beauty products that I have been LOVING in March. I discovered a lot of new products and fashion finds last month and am so excited to share them with you babes!


I kind of bought a lot of new things last month in terms of fashion, but if you know me, I am SUCH  bargainer and I try to get the best possible deals on anything. To start off, we got a gorgeous aqua scarf in at Lou Lou with our spring shipment and as soon as I pulled it out of the box I wanted it in my wardrobe. It was exactly what I was looking for which was a light weight scarf for the warmer months with tassels on it. I originally wanted it in white but thought a pop of color would be great in the summer!

The next fashion favorite is the leather jacket that has been seen around the blog and on my instagram quiet a few times. It is absolutely perfect and when I put it on, I never want to take it off my body. Leather jackets are the best fashion staple because they never go out of style! I also scored mine for $3 at F21 when they were having a huge clearance sale (see, I told you I was a bargainer!)

I had been looking for a nice pair of boyfriend jeans for a really long time, and finally found one from H&M. They hug me in all of the right places and fit very nicely! I can't wait to start wearing these babies more often now that we are finally out of 30 degree weather!


Lately, skincare has become my main priority in my beauty routine, so I've been trying out some fun new products as well as bringing back some old but good ones. The first beauty fave of march is this andalou naturals milk cleanser.

This face wash is really unlike any other that I've ever tried before. The consistency feels like a lotion and when you rub it all over your face it doesn't foam up. It's very nourishing and hydrating- perfect for dry skin. The first time I used this my skin felt like a babies butt! I like to use this in the morning when I first wake up so that it's nice and gentle on my skin rather than using an intense cleanser.

Recently, I really have not been wanting to use liquid foundation on my skin and that's mostly because my skin has been super dry from the cold weather. To combat that, I brought out my oldie but goodie CeraVe moisturizer. This stuff is so amazing- it's very thick but sinks into the skin and really helps your skin absorb the moisture. My skin never feels too oily or heavy in the morning when I wake up.

I've also been using my physicians formula mineral wear loose powder as a foundation over top a nice layer of the Cerave. The Cerave honestly acts as a great primer before foundation because it really hydrates and it makes my skin glow when I use my powder.

I wanted to mention another old favorite of mine which is the mac single eyeshadow in "Shroom." I don't think I'll never not have this shade of eye shadow in my makeup collection. It's so perfect and such an essential, I wear it as a base for almost all of my makeup looks.

Next up is of course, my all time FAVORITE drugstore mascara- the loreal butterfly mascara. I made a mistake recently in trying out a different drugstore mascara and as soon as I swiped the product onto my lashes I instantly wished that I had just stuck to my trusty old fave.

The tapered wand really adds so much to your lashes, it really does add a "butterfly wing" affect. This is my favorite mascara ever and I really cannot say enough good things about it!

The last beauty favorite is this mac patentpolish lip pencil in "Revved up". I feel like this shade is so perfect for the spring/summer warmer months. It's a very sheen coral shade and the formula is lovely.

I hope you enjoyed this post and discovered some new products & pieces! Let me know what you've been loving last month in the comments below!


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