West Coast Style Guide

May 10, 2017

West Coast Style Guide

West Coast Style Guide by amandacarmela

Hi loves!! I can't even believe how long its been since I've made a post. I feel so bad! These last few months of school have been SO hectic. I work every single day and go to school every day so I literally never even have a second to breathe :( But tomorrow is my last final and then I am FREE!! I'm so excited.
Mike & I are going on vacation to Arizona very soon and I can't wait!! It's going to be incredible. I've been to Nevada before and just that side of the country is amazing. It's so different from the east coast in such great ways. In honor of our trip, I made an Arizona outfit guide! I wanted some inspo of what to bring on my trip and couldn't really find much online so I decided to fill the void and make one!

Arizona is HOT. Especially in the summer months. So I felt that a very lightweight and flowy sleevless dress would be perfect for a night out on the town. I paired it with these gorgeous yellow espadrilles that will be so comfortable to walk around in! To tie in the yellow, I added these really pretty tassel earrings and a cognac cross body.

As for hiking, the most comfortable and sweat proof clothing is going to be your best friend. I chose some khaki shorts and a Patagonia tee. Obviously I'd put on a sports bra underneath so that if when hiking I get too hot I can just take my shirt off! I paired a Patagonia vest because it does get very cold in the desert at night so an extra layer of warmth is always good to have on hand. Northface backpacks have always been my go to and they have a ton of colors and options to chose from. A good pair of hiking boots/sneakers are essential when hiking in AZ as well!

When I'm lounging around, I still like to look put together and cute! So I went for a nice pair of striped tie shorts and paired it with a white crop top keeping Arizona's high temperatures in mind. I added these gorgeous slip on sandals and colorful earrings to give the outfit a little pop! I also found this clutch that says, "beach hair, don't care." and I thought it was so friggin adorable!

I hope you enjoyed this post & found it helpful!
-Amanda Carmela

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