Our Trip to Arizona

June 8, 2017

Finally, my life has slowed down and I am getting settled into my new dorm room in Boston for the summer. From about the middle of May until now I have been so busy and life has been the biggest whirlwind. Basically, since finals week, I was working an insane amount and had hardly any time to do anything besides running from class to work with no more than a half hour in between. Then, finals ended and I completed my sophomore year of college! But that also meant that I had to move out of my dorm room and into another one, a single on the top floor of my building. Since I was working so much, I hardly had any time to pack yet alone move up two floors. All of my friends moved out so I also had no one to help me move. I was experiencing a ton of anxiety and stress because all I did was work and didn't have much time to do anything else- to this day I still have yet to renew my license since I turned 21 which was in April. I felt like I had the entire world on my shoulders. My boyfriend and sister both graduated from our school and I attended their graduation on May 19th, and things were finally starting to look up because I knew that our trip to Arizona was coming up in just a few short days and that all of this stress would finally sizzle away under the AZ heat. 
So now, it's been about 4 days since we've been back from the west side of the country and I actually have a second to breathe- and recap on how amazing our trip was! Hours for work have definitely slowed down which is kind of bitter sweet because I do love working and want the moolah, but it also does feel good to wake up without an alarm and go for a stroll to get some coffee and wander the streets aimlessly and follow wherever my mind decides to go in the moment. (I also woke up today and went for a run, 1 mile to be exact!) I'm going to take the lack of hours at work as a blessing in disguise, a lesson that is telling me to take more time for myself and go out to explore more, make more memories. My boyfriends mother once told me, you have your whole life to work, do more now rather than work your life away and shes totally right!

So now, I'll take you back on our trip to amazing Arizona, a place where I could definitely see myself moving to eventually (and maybe even starting a family + a life out there?!)

This was Michael's moms friends Kristin's house that we were staying at until it was time to pick up our RV Rental! Isn't it beautiful?! We spent the last three days of our trip back here just relaxing by this pool, tanning, eating food, going for a dip, and repeat. 

I never knew that cactus's could be so huge.. they're literally the size of trees! That's definitely one of the things that I love about AZ, how different the scenery is compared to NH. 

Arizona sunsets, another reason why this place has my heart.

The whole fam!

Bell Rock

We made it on the RV! Our first stop was at an RV Park in Sedona called Rancho Sedona, it was a gorgeous place- everything was so clean and well kept and there was a stunning creek in the back where you could swim/hike!

This was where our first hike lead to- a beautiful lagoon that was hidden in the rocks. This trail is called Bell Trail!

Our next stop was the Grand Canyon, which was seriously one of the most incredible things I've seen in my life. It was so unreal. It honestly looks fake when you're there, it looks like a big green screen or something! We actually decided to hike down into the GC, I made it about a mile and a half (coming back up was BRUTAL) and Michael actually hiked 13 miles in total all the way down to plateau point which is at the point at the end of the clearing in the photo above... I don't know how he does it! Just going 1.5 miles had me almost passing out on the hike back up LOL. 


I think these photos are where I'll end my little travel diary for now because there is SO much more and I don't want to make this post too long.
I seriously had so much fun on this trip and going there taught me to start adventuring more and making more memories with my loved ones.
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Xo- Amanda

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