White Off The Shoulder

April 13, 2017

Hello babies! Long time no chat!! I've been so busy with school and work lately I haven't even had a second to gather my thoughts into a blog post :( So sad, I can't wait until summer so I can have free time to blog and do what I love!

Off The Shoulder Blouse

earrings / necklace (similar - same brand)

The weather in New England has been GORGEOUS this past week so Mike & I finally got around to taking some photos! I had this outfit planned out the night before because I had been DYING to wear this new white off the shoulder button up blouse that I got from Hello Caroline a little bit ago! It's been so cold so I was unable to wear it at all until now! I paired it with my blue skinny jeans and my little Soludos espadrilles tie up sandals. 


I'm so happy with this weather and loved dressing for the warmth!! This is getting me SO excited for summer. 

So I just to give a little update! I know that this post is already pretty long, but what is a blog if you don't express yourself/thoughts? ;) So basically, I've decided that I'm going to be living on campus in the summer and taking two summer classes, one each term (which will be super easy plus one of them is an online class so I won't even have to go anywhere!) After a lot of thought, I really did not want to give up/stop working at Lou Lou over the summer. This job is honestly my baby and I really don't want to be away from it for that long. I put so much effort and hard work into it and the thought of having to leave it and go back into something like a regular mall job made me pretty upset. So I am going to stay in BOS over the summer, work like crazy and save money, and get some classes out of the way while I'm at it!
So with that news, I was planning on starting my Youtube channel back up again over the summer at my parents house because the aesthetic of my room fits much better than my dorm room, but since there's not much I can change about it I will still definitely be creating content! Because I'll be living in the city, there will be a lot more excitement going on which means much more videos and blog posts for you guys. I'm so excited for summer to start and to start my channel back up!

Excited for the adventures to come & I'll see you in my next post!


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