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March 26, 2017

Hi there! Happy Sunday, I hope you're doing well! Today I just wanted to share some recent photos that I've taken that give little glimpses of what I've been up to lately :) I've been really busy with work and school but it hasn't been too much!
watch / glasses
When I got my Nikon from Best Buy, they gave me a $20 Shutterfly credit which was pretty awesome because I've used Shutterfly before when they were having a huge discount & I got my entire order for just the cost of shipping. So this time I got a bunch of wall art and some more 4x4 photos that I can't wait to hang up all over my walls :) I love the effect of hanging them up on string with clothes pins give!

Prada flats
Last Wednesday, my fashion show production teacher held a fashion show for Neiman Marcus at the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston and my classmates and I were able to help backstage by dressing the models, prepping the clothing, and getting together the gift bags. These were one of the many pairs of stunning shoes that were backstage among other brands like Stella McCartney, Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu, Brunello Cucinelli & Tom Ford. 

Sweater (similar)
I wore this outfit on our drive back home from Maine and I was really feeling it! I've had this sweater for YEARS lol! It's always nice when you have a piece that you can seriously wear over and over again and lasts. (Believe it or not, it's from Forever 21!)

leather jacket (similar)
Flatlays featuring my two soulmates- my leather jacket & coffee.

Triangle necklace / Love necklace / Criss cross ring / V Shaped earrings 
Lately I've been trying to figure out which color jewelry suits me better- silver or gold and I really can't tell! I've always worn silver but then recently I saw some photos of a gold ring set and was kind of wanting to get my hands on some! All of these pieces are from Hello Caroline :) 

The sunset along the Charles River yesterday. It was breathtaking and it has honestly been quiet a while since I've gone there to watch the sun fall behind the horizon. It rejuvenated me in a sense!

My favorite thing about winters in Boston is always the lit up trees along Commonwealth. I'm so lucky to have this view right out my window!

Have a great Sunday! 

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