The Weekly Edit

March 25, 2018

I've decided that I am going to be rounding up my weeks here over on my blog so that people can find anything that I've mentioned or talked about in one simple blog post with links to everything! I will be rounding up Instagram / my outfit posts, favorites, new purchases, and more every Sunday to keep it all filed nicely!

Sooo for this weeks edit- let's start with my outfits of the week !

Next up are some new goodies that I've recently purchased!

I got this adorable striped tee from TJMax yesterday and oh my gawsssh is this the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my body. I could not leave without it and I could really see it styled with so many other pieces in my wardrobe! I think it will look super cute in the summer with some cuffed shorts or with a nice pair of linen joggers (these ones are so amazingly priced!)

These sandals from Just Fab are on their way and I am sooo excited to try them on once they get here! I wanted a pair of nice cognac sandals for summer and I feel like these ones are going to go with so many things and they also look really comfortable and easy to slip on. The one linked in the widget below is a very similar one but if you get it through Just Fab for your first time you can get a major discount! Mine were only like $10!! So insane.

My closet was wayyy too packed and I got inspired this weekend to clean some of it out and try and get rid of some of my clothes. It kind of hardly happened and I kept a lot of it but I noticed how many cardigans and sweatshirts I have and it's so cluttered that it gives me anxiety lol! So I bought this coat rack/holder so that I can have some organization within and outside of my closet. It was made in India and the detail on it is so beautiful! I couldn't find the exact link to this one but I linked some similar ones that would be just as pretty!


The link to this baby that I made is here! The double layer crystal necklace :)

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