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December 18, 2017

I've been meaning to compile a post of things that I have just been simply loving lately, but I've been soo busy and haven't been able to get around to it much. So I'm just going to go crazy and list a bunch of amazing things that mean so much to me below- from skincare to music! I wanted to do a separate post for each category, but honestly after thinking about it I just want to keep it authentic and real- and essentially list these things as if I'm scribbling down notes on a notepad. Blogs are so personal (at least for me anyways) and I want to take it back to the routes of the pure simplicity of having an outlet for creativity and passion. 
Without further ado, here are some things I have been loving lately.

D E C O R  I N S P O : Live Edge Wall Shelves
I. want. these. EVERYWHERE in my house one day. I am in love with the natural affect it can bring to any space- and how much they can actually hold is also pretty amazing! Here is the DIY before and afters of this project! It's stunning.

I have always adored Leah James, (ashamedly, I discovered her while watching the Kardashians when I was younger), and I just absolutely loved her vibes and the way she presented herself. She was always an inspiration of mine. Her and Brandon have had a daughter, Eva, and she is the most precious thing ever.  She explained on her Instagram that she has had her record finished for some time now, but was hesitant to release it due to the pressures of releasing what feels like her diary to the public. The song is nothing but beautiful- she has the most angelic voice and the instrumentals are so soothing. One of my favorite songs to listen to at the moment!

J E W E L R Y : Mia & Tess Gold Bracelet
Woah- can you say goosebumps much?! I discovered this beautiful gold knotted bracelet when my mom & I visited The Paper Store the other day. I had been on the h u n t for a gold bracelet that was perfect for every day wear. I was also super specific in what I wanted, and I finally found the perfect match! And ladies... this was literally under $10... like what?! I am so so happy I discovered this piece- I don't think there will be a day where I wont wear it! I couldn't find the exact bracelet online but I linked another one by the brand that's also under $10 and another dupe for this knotted gold one here. 

S K I N C A R E : Cucumber Facial Mist & Hyaluronic Acid 
Like many other social media users, I've been hearing gals r a v e about Glossier- and even more specifically, the Super Bounce serum which is essentially just Hyaluronic Acid. I found this one at Marshalls at such an affordable price, and while I haven't noticed too too much of results- it does make my skin feel nice and soft when added to a moisturizer. Next up is the Cucumber Facial Mist. I was originally looking for a coconut water facial mist/toner, but ended up stumbling upon this one amidst all of the other products- and boy am I glad I did! I LOVE this stuff- and I can't even believe it but just using the mist alone without even adding moisturizer to my face at night is enough! I wake up in the morning with a soft, non dry face. It's always so shocking considering I have a super dry complexion. I use the combination of these two products and the result is skin that feels as soft as a babies butt. 

 A  N E W  R E C I P E : Coconut Pecan Cabin Crunch
Wow... I was going through my Pinterest boards and found this recipe and just WOW I want to eat this right this second! It's a quick crumble bake in the oven but then you have enough to last you for a while! You can obviously add this to whatever kind of yogurt you like- like Greek, non-dairy, gluten free, etc. etc. 

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