Accomplishments and Resolutions

January 10, 2018

It has seriously been so long since I've last sat down and written a blog post. A true, genuine, passionately written blog post. Ever since launching my Etsy shop, Piper & Hazel has been my whole world, the center of my attention. It can sometimes be difficult to split and divide your attention to different aspects of your life. I always am diving into new projects and plans so I tend to forget about other parts of my life.
Last year, I wrote a post reflecting on the past year and I also listed my goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. This year I am going to do it again because I think it's super important and essential to make progress in your life!


  1. Became a sales lead at Francesca's on Newbury St. 
  2. Lived by myself in Boston for the summer
  3. Made deans list with distinction for spring & summer semesters
  4. Launched Piper & Hazel on etsy
  5. Traveled to Arizona with my boyfriend
  6. Commuted to Boston for the fall semester of my junior year
  7. Had my first vendor event for Piper & Hazel
  8. Got a job as a receptionist for a hair salon and am in LOVE


  • Create a routine and stick to it: With my new receptionist job, my hours at work are always the same and I don't work weekends so I think this resolution will be much easier to accomplish. I want to stick to a schedule that works with me and does not overwhelm me- like doing my homework at the same time on the same day, working on my etsy shop on a set schedule, eating a healthy breakfast and dinner, 
  • Budget plan: I have always wanted to have a monthly or weekly budget plan to help guide me, but I often get so off track and forget to track my spending. This year, I really want to follow my guides and allot a certain amount for different categories in hopes that it will help me save my money more efficiently. 
  • Daily Inspiration Journal: I came up with this idea when I was on vacation with Mike in Conway. Basically, I always have thoughts and inspirations and ideas of content to create, but sometimes I don't always have a place to jot it down and have it all logged. So with this daily inspiration journal, every day (or week) I will record what/who is currently inspiring me, my main goals I want to complete for the week, big projects/tasks I need to get done by the end of the week, colors, images, fabrics, quotes that are currently inspiring me and more. I will definitely check in once I am on a routine with this journal!
  • Stick to a wholefood diet and cook more often: There are sooo many yummy recipes that I want to make for myself so that I can bring food to work and school- but I have just been sooo busy. I really want to make an effort to start cooking wholesome foods that are nourishing and healthy to eat. You can follow some of the recipes I am most looking forward to making here on my pinterest!
  • Wake up early every day: My new job has me being AT the salon at 8am... which means I have to set my alarm for 6:30ish. It's superrr early but I am excited to get used to waking up this early even on the weekends because you get sooo much more out of the day when you start your day earlier!
  • This might be crazy but... stop keeping up to date with so many influencers: I know this sounds insane coming from a person whose profession centers around social media- but sometimes I will feel really inspired and creative and full of ideas, but then when I go to check up on other influencers like catching up on Youtuber's or reading up on someone's latest blog posts... once I am finished I feel like I forget where I left off. I feel too involved in other's lives that I cant focus on my own. I would have no problem if I didn't have my own blog and business to tend to reading and catching up, but when I have to create new content and come up with new ideas it's extremely difficult when my mind is swarmed with another persons life.  
  • Have a social media detox at least 5 times a year: I haven't done this yet but I've seen other social media influencers do it and I reallly want to give it a try. I feel like it must be so cleansing to put your phone down for days on end and really truly live in the moment. I think it would be similar to how it was when we were kids! I miss the simplicity!
  • Drink More Water: This is probably going to be a forever goal of mine because I definitely don't drink the right amount of water I'm supposed to every day. But I have certainly been improving over the last few months!
I hope you enjoyed reading up on all of my accomplishments & resolutions: now I challenege you to come up with your own! 
xo Amanda

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