Get to Know: Kiara

November 13, 2017

Hi loves! Today, I am introducing you to my gorgeous blogging girlfriend and artist, Kiara! We
are going to be collaborating in the future on many blog posts that include current favorites, guest posts, and we may even record some videos together! Read on below to learn a little bit about Kiara and head over to her blog and see some of her amazing posts! You can also find her Etsy shop here where she sells her adorable original artwork and prints!

Name: Kiara Lemus
Age: 24
Current Whereabouts: Kiara is currently working at Talbots, in her senior year and studying art at UMass Lowell
Favorite Hobbies: Kiara loves to draw & take photos
How many countries have you visited? Greece, the airport in Paris (still counts doesnt it? ;), Bermuda, Canada, El Salvador
Whats at the top of your bucketlist? "Traveling to Paris again."
Top 3 Favorite Artists: Odesza, Milky Chance, Lana Del Rey
Have you ever had a nickname? What is it? Kiki or Keeks
Favorite type of food: Pizza
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Why did you start your blog? Kiara loves writing, taking photos and sharing her experiences with others

Biggest Inspirations: "Mimi Ikonn is my only biggest inspiration, she’s why I started blogging."

I'm so excited to start working with Kiara! Hope you enjoyed this post and getting to know Keeks!

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