A Day in Jamestown

September 12, 2017


Hi there!! I just wanted to pop in and quickly write a little post of how amazing my weekend was. To start, Mike had work until about 12am on Saturday night, so I met some friends in Boston for a drink which was so lovely because I got to see them all! Then, I hoped on the train to Providence and Mike picked me up there which I was so excited about because I hadn't seen him in sooo long! Then, we drove to Federal Hill to grab some drinks together. We went to a place called Opa and it was a hookah lounge! I loved the vibes in there it was a pretty cool place. After that we went home and I was so happy to be sleeping next to my love again! Normally, I always want to stay in Mikes little spare house in the full sized futon because I love to spread out, but this night I actually wanted to sleep in Mike's twin size bed in his room just so we could cuddle up! I loved it :)
Sunday morning, we slept in and had a late start to our day. On the norm, I would be like freaking out and wanting to leave as early as possible to go on our trips, but for some reason on Sunday I was so alright with doing things at a slower pace. It kind of made me realize that I need to take things slower and to not always rush around! Mike's mom and dad cooked us an incredible brunch; yummy eggs with potatoes and chocolate chip pancakes!! Everything was so delicious and Mike's grandma and aunt also joined us and it was so great having them and chatting with them! I love Mike's family so much :) 
Then, we started our drive to Jamestown! We had this plan of going there for a couple days and I was really happy that we went! We went to Beavertail Lighthouse. The weather was absolutely incredible. Such a perfect day. We walked along the paths until we found a private beach that we claimed! We spent hours just skipping rocks, laying in the sun and talking. It was so so so relaxing and I wish I could do that every single day. 
We then we're really hungry so we explored for some good places to eat. Mike and I had been to Jamestown before and we remembered the restaurant we went to before called Chopmist Charlies. And as we were looking for other places to eat, Google Maps let us know that we "visited" Chopmist Charlies about a year ago. We both looked at each other and thought it was crazy that we somehow came back to Jamestown an exact year later! So we decided to go back there and reminisce in the memories. We sat at the same exact table and in the same exact seats! It was so lovely. We shared a bowl of the Clam chowder and each got salads with our meals. I got a really yummy pasta dish and Mike got fish & chips. Everything was perfect! I also ordered a delicious watermelon sangria with mine! Mike got a pumpkin beer I think :) 
Then, it was nearing 7pm when we were finishing up dinner, and our original plan was to go back to our spot to watch the sunset. But we were a little late when leaving the restaurant so we decided to chance it and drive straight all the way on the road the restaurant was on because it seemed like you could watch the sunset from that point and we were right!! We made it just in time to see the sun setting. The road took us to a small pier that overlooked a harbor. The sky was a STUNNING purple, pink and orange and it really took my breath away. Such a perfect day. 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well, feel free to tell me about it in the comments below! Xo

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