Little Adventures In Boston

August 31, 2017

Hi there! I hope you're all doing well. Today I just wanted to drop by with this post, and I included some photos from the other day with my sister and our friend Jake! We headed over to the North End to grab some coffee and breakfast in the morning, and then after that we just wandered along and came across a small festival happening in Government Center. There was a ton of natural and organic artisans showcasing their work in their respective tents. From natural perfume to handmade jewelry, there were such impressive pieces and I was so glad I came across them all (and grabbed all of their business cards as well lol!)
As for a little life update, I've moved back home to commute to school for the fall semester. As much as I love having my own space again and an actual kitchen to cook food in, I really already do miss living in the city so much. It's such a different kind of feeling and atmosphere. I don't think I will be able to stay away for too long!
Moving back home though, I've been able to really take a moment and reflect on how much has changed. I also really have learned to appreciate so much since moving back. I've started to commute into the city for work, and classes start next week! I'm really excited to start school again and continue learning and becoming more knowledgeable in my major of fashion merchandising! I also really hope that things start to become more routinely and I will be able to start up my Youtube channel! Beauty is something that I am extremely passionate about and it has always been a dream to start one.
I have Saturday off this weekend and my mom and I are trying to come up with something to do! Have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!
Thanks for reading!
Amanda Carmela

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