Styling My Shelves

August 30, 2017

Hi loves! Today I am giving you a little sneak peak of my room. I am loving the way it's turning out and I am practically done designing it. It has taken quite some time to get it to the way I have been imagining it- a whole bunch of saving up, buying pieces, and moving and rearranging big and heavy furniture. In honor of finally being done with my decor, I wanted to show you how I styled my cube storage. I got the 3x3 cube storage and I love it. It's the perfect size and holds a bunch of things. I really wanted to keep this cube shelving unit looking cohesive and having it flow all together. So, I opted for neutrals (what else is new) and wanted to have big contrasts within. I also like combining different textures. 

The bottom shelves I wanted to use for some extra storage space. Each of the black bins are the perfect size and can hold a lot of things. I made a contrast by adding the light baby pink Burberry Brit box in the center. Inside, I store all of my craft supplies. The next shelf up are some more contrasts. I displayed my copy of "The Little Dictionary of Fashion" by Christian Dior and stood a pair of black suede heels next to it. In the center, I used a white Moroccan oil box which holds a lot of my lotions and perfumes in it. I also added a Louis Vuitton small handbag on top because I wanted to play around with the height a bit and add a bit of dimension. The wire basked on the right is great and I placed some faux peonies in it to give it some texture. 

On the next shelf up, I played around with illumination. The "A" decor letter lights up and since it is black it stands out against the white shelf. I placed a small black candle next to it and a sparkly neutral clutch behind to give it some depth. Next, I wanted a different way to display my jewelry. Originally, I had a "t-stand" to display my necklaces and bracelets, but overtime I noticed that it was very inefficient and I was always getting them tangled in each other. So, I used my old acyrilic drawers and placed the velvet bottoms back in the drawers and it really creates such an elegant and sophisticated touch. They sparkle in the case and it really makes them look expensive. The final shelf, I displayed my pink Himalayan salt lamp (one of my favorite decor purchases ever). I placed my little rose gold bowl, a find from savers that I display my bracelets in and placed my most used perfume in the back to continue on with the depth factor.

I hope this helped you with styling inspiration! You can shop most of my decor pieces below! Xo

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