Losing Friends & Embracing Change

July 23, 2017

Lets talk, shall we? It's almost 2am and I'm scrolling Pinterest and I've started to see the most relevant quotes to the events that are currently happening in my life- so I want to discuss these changes as I'm sure there are other people in this world going through something similar.

Losing friends. 

I know, this is kind of a sticky subject and a lot of people would rather not address it because it tends to be so complicated. But as a fellow gal who has a ton of emotions and is in constant need of words of wisdom- I'm here to share the love and sympathy with you. 
Losing friends, first off, sucks. One day you go from have a solid group of friends where you think they care about you and you feel like you are important to them, and the next day you could be as irrelevant as a payphone to them. (... does anyone use those anymore??)
It of course all depends on the situation. If there was an altercation and between you and your friend and no one cared enough to repair it, or if you made a mistake and regret hurting them, there are times when you get in fight with someone and the clouds part and you are able to see crystal clear- their true colors. 

Similar to my last post about embracing change, sometimes when you lose a person that meant a lot to you, you are able to see something in the person that you never noticed before- and it might make you see what kind of a person they truly are. People tend to act out when they are mad and can say things or do things that can hurt (which really isn't cool at all). However, a true friend will do the following in a fallout situation: 
  1. If you feel upset about something your friend did and you try to confront them- they will try to become conscious of this action and tell you ways in which they will work on changing how they acted. They will not belittle you or manipulate you to make you feel as though you did something wrong or make themselves out to be the victim. 
  2. They will be concerned that you are feeling distressed in the friendship and will want to make a an effort to mend it. They will not ignore the way you are feeling or tell you that you are being over dramatic, etc. 
  3. If you made a mistake or wronged them in anyway, they will try to hear you out and they will put themselves in your shoes to try and fully understand your side. *If it was a drastic mistake; this doesn't always mean your friend is 100% willing to forget about what you did, but your friend should always try to forgive.

If your friend drops you and does not put in an effort or their actions are immature and they are not acting like an adult to solve the situation, take it as a blessing in disguise. If you see a negative quality in your friend as you are in a fallout, take note of their actions and the way they behave. It might just teach you a whole lot about their character and could make you realize that they weren't a true friend after all.
You should know your value and your worth and let's be honest, if your friend is acting out and not being mature- it's probably better off that you stay distant. You need to realize that you deserve caring, trustworthy and lovable friends! 

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