Sandcastles & Pinstripes

July 25, 2017


Hello loves! I hope your week is off to an alright start! Sunday evening, Mike, my sister and I went to Revere beach to check out the International Sand Sculpting Festival that they showcase every summer. People from all over come and get to build a piece and they name them and each have their own message about the sculpture! The detail that goes into each one is incredible and you just have to be there in person to get the full affect!
It felt really good to get out of the city for a little bit and do something different for once. I grew up around Revere beach and being there was really nostalgic. The memories flooded in as soon as I stepped onto the sand and I was brought back to when my sister and I used to spend days at my grandmother's house with our cousin, playing Gamecube and watching Harry Potter. I really miss those kinds of days and honestly, I feel like going back to your roots every once and a while really grounds you and sort of centers you. It was lovely being there and I encourage you to do something or visit somewhere that was a big part of your childhood! It will really warm your heart.
As for this outfit- I mentioned that I bought this OTS pinstripe top from F21 in my last post, and I seriously am so in love with it. The over-sized sleeves are a showstopper and the pinstripe is such a classic look. I paired it with my white shorts and cognac sandals that have a metallic detail. 
Get the top here!

Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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