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July 22, 2017

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Hello lovelies! The other day after work I went a little crazy and had so much fun trying some clothes on. I love it when you can actually find a bunch of cute things to try on. I spend hours (not kidding) and just get so lost in all of the gorgeous styles and fashion, imagining how I'd style each piece with my current wardrobe.
My first stop was at Forever 21 where I found this stunning little classic pinstripe OTS- I had to buy it! I paired it with some white shorts and cognac colored shoes and the look is to die for! (There should be a post on this look soon!!) You definitely need this piece in your wardrobe and at only $17.90- it's a steal! I was looking for a floral maxi dress but couldn't really find anything that made me swoon. The mauve one that I tried on in the first photo would have been p e r f e c t but for some reason there was no lining whatsoever so you could see... everything underneath. I couldn't find it on the F21 website so I linked some similar ones
At F21 I also tried on this grey v-neck body suit (this first bodysuit I've ever tried on, yall..) and I really really loved the way it looked. I just wasn't in dire need of it but I was able to imagine it in my wardrobe and was coming up with different looks to wear it in the fall. It's a great staple piece!
The next place I went was TJMaxx and I picked up the grey maxi dress, which is the most comfortable thing I've ever put on my body... It's perfect for this summer heat wave we've been having and I've already worn it a bunch of times. I wasn't able to find the exact pieces for the rest of the looks but I linked similar ones!

I hope you have a great Saturday

I encourage you to go out and try some cute clothes that make you feel good about yourself! Spend a day treating yourself :)

Amanda Carmela

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