Cropped Denim

February 6, 2017

I am LOVING this new cropped denim trend. Such a fun twist on the plain old skinny jeans! These ones featured have the distressed hems which are also another fun trend currently happening! I paired them with a simple grey scoop neck (which was seriously THE HARDEST thing to try and find you guys a link to.. there was almost nothing that was pretty similar for some reason, so I tried my best!) I also threw in this gorgeous lace bralette because who doesn't love a good bralette?! This one is in the light pink shade, I have it in white and seriously love it.
Clearly, you can see that I was having some fun at my new job, Hello Caroline, on Newbury street! I made this flat lay because we just got in some beautiful new pieces for spring... I wish I could buy them all. So if you're in the Boston area, come in and check us out or you can shop online! (Thats where the owner, Hilary, started it!) All of the pieces are super affordable and amazing quality.. I'm loving working for this retailer! 
What I'm not loving is how busy I have been and how cold the weather is over here in New England. It makes shooting outfit photos so hard because I have to take my winter coat off in 20 degree weather and shoot and end up getting a not so pretty image of me freezing my ass off! I can't wait until spring and warm weather.. expect a lot more content then! Stay track of me by following along on my Instagram which is where I am always at. 

Have a great day!

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