Valentines Day: A Simple Gift Guide

February 8, 2017

I'm not sure about you, but I'm pretty excited for Valentines Day. I know it can definitely be hard for the fellas to come up with an idea of a gift to get their significant other, so I made this simple gift guide to help you get started.

The handbag. It's not like you could ever in a million years go wrong with getting your lovely lady a handbag.. unless it's of course not her style. But I'm sure since you are a couple you know what she likes. Stick to neutrals if you aren't too sure.
The heels. I know I'd love a gorgeous pair of heels. Or flats. Or any kind of shoe. Check her closet for her size if you don't know. Write it on your hand- this is super important! Make sure you also get her a pair she will like; I suggest going through her Pinterest account and getting a feel for the style's that she has repinned.
The lipstick. Get your gal a nice tube of lipstick, or a new beauty product that she's been obsessing over. (Again, check Pinterest.) Also take into account her skin tone!
Perfume. A good fragrance is like a good friend. Always, always there to have your back. To lift up your spirits, your mood & your confidence. I'd suggest Burberry, Lady Million, or Chloe; but do look at her collection and see if you can find a similarity between the scents.
A little number. Have a little lace piece waiting for her to put on in a bag on a bed full of petals.. that'll sure set the mood.
Hair tools. You can never go wrong with a hair tool- especially this curling iron that everyone has been raving about. 
A sweet candle. I am a candle hoarder. And buying me more will make me happier. You can also use it to create a romantic ambiance on the 14th. Take into account her favorite scents (look at other candles that are about the house, but of course get a different variation that way she doesn't have two very similar candles).
Dazzling jewels. I would absolutely swoon if my boyfriend handed me this ring . I prefer silver, but your love might prefer something different (rose gold, white gold, sterling). Bracelets, necklaces, earrings- pick out something from the heart!
Tech related. You could get your girl an Apple watch, an Echo dot, an iPad + case, a DLSR camera, or something tech related that will get her creative juices flowing.

Have a lovely day!

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