My Personal Style

February 1, 2017

My Style

  • My personal style is definitely a mix of classic, contemporary and bohemian pieces.
  • I like to wear a color palette of mostly neutrals.  
  • For me, I have been really cracking down on only investing in pieces that are of good quality so that they can last for a long time. I also like to purchase pieces that go well with others and are able to be mixed and matched.
    In my opinion, less is more. If I have less of a clutter of clothing, it is a lot easier to define my style and get ready in the morning. Every six months or so, I will go through my closet and donate anything that I have not worn within those six months, or I will make a list of pieces that I need to complete my wardrobe.
    In addition, I like to stick to a certain aesthetic. I am aiming towards a minimalist aesthetic with neutral colors and I enjoy making the aesthetic of my social media (mainly Instagram) be cohesive with my style. 

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