Timing Of Life

December 1, 2021

I am someone who will forever preach the idea of trusting the timing of your life. Every single thing happens for a reason. All of these lessons and events that happen in your life are meant to shape you or help you grow in some way. And the sooner you realize that and you go with the flow of life instead of trying to control every little aspect of it, the freer you become. And the more your soul starts to align with your life & things start to fall in place - in perfect harmony.

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I was always someone who needed to have everything in order, to know my exact life's trajectory. But the older I get & the more I see that life is so short, I realize that the most important thing is to be fully present in the moment and to not take life for granted. When you let go and you just live, life starts to unfold and the path to discovering your true calling becomes a lot less bumpy. This is the second time in my life where I followed my intuition and allowed myself to simply ride the stream of life and it led me to discover even more about myself & what I want out of life.
The first time was when I accepted a merchandising job that I got offered out of no where - I worked in a corporate setting, met new people, learned more about my work habits and what I enjoyed & realized that the position was not for me and that it was totally okay to have tried it as it led me to this self discovery that merchandising wasn't my passion anymore. (note: while trialing this job my mental health did suffer and the number one thing I needed was to cut that lifestyle off from my life so that I could find inner peace & harmony again). As soon as I was okay with the idea that I tried & it just was not for me - another opportunity opened up, leading me one step closer to my true calling.

Interior design, home renovations & real estate has always been a HUGE interest of mine. My "home decor" board on Pinterest is my largest board with almost 3,000 pins. All I used to watch in high school was HGTV and was obsessed with Fixer Upper, Flip or Flop, House Hunters etc (and now it's Selling Sunset although its more of a reality drama show now LOL!) The first major I was interested in was Interior Design, but my limiting beliefs at that age told me I wasn't smart enough for it and I didn't have enough money to study at a prestigious school in NYC or something. All I purchase when I go to Marshalls or TMaxx is home decor items. It's hardly clothing. My favorite class in high school was 1000% when I took an Interior Design course. It's in the facts of my life, but I just never know how to approach this passion of mine as a career since I didn't have exact experience in it besides making my own collages in Photoshop and obsessively watching TV shows.  

When I created the collage above, I was working as a marketing coordinator for a jewelry company. I was bored during the work day and wanted to design details for our living room when we move into our new house. And there is a quote that I saw somewhere once that goes along the lines of "What do you while you are procrastinating is your true calling."  Yay, I found it! Read below:

This quote couldn't be anymore accurate. Obviously it has to be applied in context, if you're procrastinating with Tik Tok or binging tv shows/movies then its a different story (although maybe you are destined to be a social media influencer or movie critic?)
It comes down to this limiting self belief. That we sometimes settle for what we think we deserve, even if it's less than what you know you deserve. It's subconscious - you don't know that you're settling, (unless you're like me and you self analyze 24/7 and don't let a single thought that goes through your mind go unnoticed lol). I believe the art of practicing self care can help you realize that you deserve to be living your happiest life doing what you love no matter what. 

This new path of mine is leading me to explore the opportunity of working with one of my biggest and maybe even my most unexplored passions. Luxury Real Estate Marketing. I really cannot wait to start & see where this takes me! 

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