Mens Fall Style Guide

July 28, 2018

Hey guys! This post is pretty different than most of my usual ones, because today I've decided to create an easy to use style guide for men for the upcoming season of fall. I surprisingly had so much fun making this... menswear is truly so much fun and I feel like sometimes we often take it for granted!

If you're looking to spruce up your style and the things in your closet are no longer working for you anymore, use this guide to mix and match all of the pieces! Some of them may be on the pricey side, but I can assure you that when you invest your money into quality clothing- it will actually last more than a few cycles in the wash and people will start to notice your style more. You'll look put together, fresh, and sophisticated.


  • Windbreakers, bomber jackets, sweatshirts, utility jackets are all great fall staple pieces that will help keep you warm on chilly days. I also linked some sweatshirts but I'd say in my own opinion, a guy looks much more put together when he is wearing an actual coat on a cold day rather than just a hoodie!
  • Tee-shirts (good quality ones) , long sleeve henelys, polos and flannels are great options to mix and match your style. I feel like not everyone can pull off the collared look, so I only added a couple of options in the mix. The key is to get shirts that are earth tones or colors that are not too saturated, they way they are able to go with a variety of pieces. The classic white, black & grey v-neck tees are perfect to get you started. I also think a striped shirt compliments guys really well. Sweaters are also a fun fall option- like this neutral beige one or cream one
  • Jeans- dark wash, light wash & black are your staples. Joggers are next in line in terms of essentials because they can really give a casual twist to any outfit. I love joggers that are in the colors camel, hunter green, navy & grey.
  • I know that you guys don't mind spending loads of money on shoes. So I've linked some really amazing quality ones that go with a lot of these pieces. A leather sneaker is the perfect piece to dress up an outfit for a date night or drinks on the town. Boots, I know they are intimidating but I'm sure you can pull them off! Get them in a neutral color and cuff your jeans about two rolls- you'll look like a natural! Slip on sneaks are easy to throw on but also look super sophisticated. An oxford is an office staple so if you have a professional career that requires a business casual dress code, these babies will be your best friend.  A black pair of running sneakers are the best option for sweatpants & joggers when you want to be super casual. 


  1. Navy & black look fine together when paired with jeans. In the first thumbnails of all of the products above, the navy windbreaker is paired with a black tee shirt and light wash jeans. Since the blue tones of the jeans are of the same blue family of the jacket, the black tee almost acts as a contrast piece for the two.
  2. Brown & black are also okay together. You see it all the time, ladies wear their black leggings with their brown ugg boots and it looks perfectly okay! Same goes for you fellas. If you're wearing brown boots and black jeans, pair it with a dark grey top that acts as a gradient between the two colors and possibly add an accessory like a scarf/hat that has brown hues; or even a coat. 
  3. Getting clothes that actually fit you is key. If you don't know your size for online, many websites have size charts that you can use to determine. > For your hip size: Take a tape measure and put it around the widest part of your butt. > For your waist size: measure the smallest part of your torso. 

I know some of these pieces may be sold out in your size, but just use these as a guide to help you when you shop! I hope you found this helpful and feel free to shoot me an email for any other questions! xo 

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