Dear Pizza Lovers of Boston,

June 13, 2017

I just wanted to pop in and tell all of the pizza lovers of Boston to go and check out this amazing pizza place in Beacon Hill!! My dad took me here for lunch this afternoon and oh my goodness the pizza I had was incredible! I got a slice of the Sicilian with red peppers, spinach, cheese, & garlic and wow it might've been one of the best slices I've ever had. The prices are super reasonable at this place- they range from $3.25-$4.25 for a slice, salads are around $10, paninis are around $8.50 and they have pasta dishes for $10! (I had my eye on the linguine & pesto- must be amazing).

The interior design of this place is everything I'd ever want in my own kitchen one day- super simplistic and modern with a rustic twist. The dark wood of the tables and counters contrasts gorgeously with the white tiled walls and they add a pop of color with bright yellow stools scattered. So beautiful!

Check out their website 

And their Instagram here!

Have a great Tuesday- stay cool!!

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