A New Hidden Gem in Boston

June 14, 2017

I decided to take a stroll along Charles Street in Boston today because I had never been there before (somehow), and ended up walking into this stunning clothing boutique called Heist: December Thieves. The manager informed me that it is an emerging designer brand when I asked if it was a designer- so I believe that most of it is handmade and they don't buy from wholesale. 

This place is a sight for sore eyes, being inside captivates you. I was swept throughout the entire store just following the layout of it. Every section has a visually appealing element to it; it's so crisp and clean and I love the contrast of black and white. 

The moss is so beautiful, it looks real when you're in the store. 

It seriously reminded me of a museum- little nooks and cranny's of incredible little pieces. I'd love to shake the visual merchandiser's hand!!

This place is absolutely gorgeous and I definitely recommend any visitor to Boston to check it out! 

Check out their website here and their Instagram here!! 

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