On a Hike

February 27, 2017

As I said in my last post, Mike and I were definitely planning on taking advantage of the beautiful weather that we were having by taking a hike up some small trails back in my hometown. I'm so glad that we did because it was seriously so peaceful and relaxing. The warm weather surrounded us on our walk and when we got to the clearing (where the images were taken) the sun shined on us and it felt so good finally getting some vitamin D.

I really could've stayed on those rocks for the rest of the day, just soaking up the sun! However, Mike and I planned on going to the mall where I grew up and worked my first retail jobs (holla Lord & Taylor and Abercrombie!) because I was craving a smoothie from my favorite local smoothie stations, Earth & Sky Bar. The smoothies are incredible and super affordable at $4.50 considering one smoothie in Boston is close to $8... My favorite flavor is the strawberry pina colada and I drink it so fast whenever I get one because it's not so often anymore!!
Since I knew we'd be hiking, I wore my Aerie leggings that are really comfortable and a bang for your buck. I think I only spent $15 on them and they're really great quality! I put on a simple striped shirt, my puffy vest, and my black Nike's to finish off the outfit :) I love a good black and white look!
Have a great Monday!

Outfit Details:
Vest / Top / Leggings (on sale for $10!) / Sneakers 

Do you have a favorite local spot? Tell me in the comments! 

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