White Mountains

January 3, 2017

This past week I went up to the White Mountains with Mike and his family. It was seriously such a fun trip! I did a lot that I thought I'd never do. Like for one; I went cross country skiing- never in a million years did I ever think I'd even put a foot in a ski! I also hiked up a really challenging trail in the snow. Needless to say, it was an amazing trip that I'll remember forever! If you ever get the opportunity to travel to the east coast, the NH mountains will never disappoint!

 After our hike on the first day, we went to the town and avoided the cold weather by bobbing in and out of shops. Then, naturally, we were starving so we got some dinner at a restaurant called the Muddy Moose.

This was right after a huge snow storm, we got more than 16 inches! 

Dinner after our hike with Mike & his friends! I love his friends- they're amazing. They all make me laugh so much and they're just fun to be around! Those are the kinds of friendships that I value the most.


 (I didn't downhill ski, but Mikes mom and I did eat some nutella covered waffles.. meant for the skiers.. LOL)

Michael and I on New Years Eve! We just cuddled up with some wine and Jack.

This trip was super fun and I can't wait to travel more with Mike!

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