Everything Happens for a Reason

January 15, 2019

I know I know. This sounds super cliche. But, it's the start of a new year, and 2019 is probably going to be one of the most important years for me so far- so I felt compelled to write a post sharing my thoughts.
I cannot express enough to you how whatever happens in your life, truly happens for a reason. Whatever path you decide to go down, leads to to another opportunity. Whether that be to learn, to gain experience, to meet new people, to learn life lessons from those around you, or to have an entire different change in your course. I know, I'm only 22 years old you're probably thinking, "what does she know?" But, let me tell you that anytime something has happened to me, there has always been greener grass on the other side.
When my first relationship ended back in 2015, I thought there was nothing else that would compare. Fast forward to 2019, I have sincerely never been happier and more satisfied in a relationship- and if Mike ever thought to pop the question I would say yes in a heart beat. The jobs that I've had in Boston and on Newbury Street helped me gain life-long friendships and also helped me to become a native in the charming little city. I made so many friends from my first receptionist job at a spa, and even discovered a passion for aesthetics, which I would potentially like to explore one day.
If I had never decided to move back up to NH and take the job at the spa, I would have never known the passion I had for skincare as well as jewelry making. I switched jobs again and met people who have given me life lessons and helped me to clarify the direction that I want my life to go in.
Now, finally, I landed an amazing internship that I cannot wait to start. Mike and I even talk about the fact that if we had never gone to college, or chosen Bay State, we would have never met. Attending college led to us meeting each other and it is one of the happiest memories I have of us. Another example is if Mike had never graduated with his associates and moved back home to RI, he would have never learned about the free software development/coding classes being offered in Providence, and then a year later would have never been offered the job of his dreams.
If you're feeling lost, or stuck or in a rut right now.. please take it lightly. Your life will work itself out. Take each moment and live it out. Take deep breaths, feel the fresh air that gives you life. Slow it down. Do what you love. Watch movies all day, live out your passions. You do not need to have your shit figured out yet. You have so many years for your path to work itself out. There are so many opportunities and different avenues to explore. One day, you'll be walking your dog at a park or through a city and you'll look at something or bump into someone that could change your life forever.
Happy new year, I wish you all the best of luck in 2019.

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