Boyfriend Jeans

September 5, 2018

Hey loves! I can't believe it's September already. This summer flew by. I had sooo much fun though - this has probably been one of the best summers yet! We did so many fun things and explored a lot and just did a ton of memorable things this summer that i'll never forget :) I started classes back up on Tuesday, I'll be commuting again three days in a row and i'm alreadyyy starting to feel worn out from it. I am going to force myself to just start going to bed early from now on! 
Speaking of going to class- this heat wave we have been having has made getting to my classes absolutely miserable. I literally just sweat non stop the entire walk there and half my make up is gone by the time I get there!! I cannot wait for the weather to cool down just a bit and I can bring out all of my cute fall stuff! Which I wanted to mention to you today! When Emily and I shot these photos a few weeks ago, the weather was perfect - like a perfect 70 degrees and there was a slight breeze that made it even better.  

featured piece

These boyfriend jeans are my all time favoriteeee. I was looking for a basic pair that didn't have any holes in them to just throw on and these were just the most comfortable and affordable ones I've ever found! I was originally thinking of going down the Madewell route, but at only $24 at Target- I could not pass these babies up! Target has their own label called Universal Thread (or at least I think it's their own label??) and they have the most gorgeous stuff at such reasonable prices. Every time I go in there I always just grab whatever catches my eye and when I look at my pile the majority of the stuff is Universal Thread. 

For this look, I paired my white tank bodysuit with just a basic cream cardigan and threw on my Cole Haan booties. I really liked this look and I cannot wait until the weather chills out a bit and I can actually wear these clothes!

I hope you're all having a great week so far and a good start to the school year for all the peeps heading back! We got this yall!

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