Staying Organized for the New Year

January 19, 2017

This is it guys! We're officially already into the third week of the new year.. doesn't time fly? Have you been sticking to your resolutions and goals? (If not... this is a sign that you should!)
I feel like around this time of the month is when everyone's optimism, goals, and resolutions slowly start to dwindle away and they start getting back into their old habits and routines. This year I can honestly say that I've stepped up my game as far as my goals and resolutions go. I've been sticking to eating clean, being organized and managing my time. As soon as I got back to my dorm, I got rid of any clutter, excessive garbage and unnecessary bullsh*t that was taking up my drawer & organizational spaces. I've also been using my planner and writing down my to do's every day, and have been keeping my space clean. So today, I have just a couple of tips on how to keep up with being organized.

1. Write it out: I don't know about you, but I'm definitely a pen and paper kind of gal. I love writing things down so much more than using any sort of scheduling or planning on my phone or computer. So for me, I like to start off by writing a little to do or check list every morning of goals that I want to accomplish that day. I will normally have at least one or two written in already from the previous days's unaccomplished tasks or just tasks that I already know I need to get done that day. Then I'll get to it! It's super easy because I just have my most important tasks all written out for me in one spot (numbered and prioritized). My favorite app that I can tolerate for planning and lists is called Todoist.
I also like to write down important dates and events (as soon as I find out about them) in a monthly view calendar. I use this planner and am in love with it because it has every thing I need to keep organized.
2. Keep your space clean: I know this is a lot easier said than done, but doing this seriously helps me stay on top of things. I am super busy with classes and work and hanging out with my boyfriend so I am always on the go and last semester I'd just run in my room and drop stuff off, change, then head back out so I rarely ever had time to tidy up my area and put things away. This would lead to a cluttered mess and unorganized space and when I came back from work all I'd want to do was lay in my bed and not think about the mess that I had to clean which lead to even more of a mess.
So this semester, I've been staying on top of things as soon as they happen. As soon as I get back home from work, I instantly will put my clothes away or in the laundry basket. As soon as I do some homework and take folders out I'll put them away once I'm done so that the mess diminishes and doesn't pile up.
3. Set specific check in dates: This is all under your own preferences, but have a certain time of the month, week, or day where you check in on your goals and crunch down on your personal numbers. Are you keeping up with all of your tasks? What could you be doing that might help you achieve these goals? If there is one thing I learned since last semester, it's that there is always a way to make things work in your favor- you just need to actually set forth and make those changes.
4. Get rid of clutter. If you're noticing your things are getting all jumbled together and you're unable to easily access important things like certain papers or your drawers are getting filled up- then it's time to RID all of this. It's just unneeded stuff taking up valuable storage space. For me, I like to go by the "three week rule" when it comes to things in or around my desk area. If I haven't touched it in more than three weeks, into the garbage it goes! Obviously, if it's important documents like health, insurance, bills then you can keep those in a separate organized area; but I'm talkin like recipts with coupons that have expired, junk mail, papers that you've written on, stuff like that. I also have the 1 year rule for clothes: if I haven't worn it in over a year it's getting tossed.
5. Invest in organizational supplies: My favorite part about Walmart, CVS, and Target? The office supplies section. I'll be running into CVS for some gum and walk by the office supplies section and find myself strolling through the aisle looking at every product and thinking "I utterly need this in my life." I'm not sure why, but ever since I was little (and I saw the Buxton organizer ad come up on T.V) I loved organizing my things. These can really help you separate your junk and your important things. Look below for specific products that'll help! I'd say my number two products that I like to use is a file organizer and colored pens, markers and highlighters.

Have a lovely day! 

What are some of your favorite ways to stay organized?

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