Clean Eating

December 27, 2016

Hi there! I just wanted to catch up with everyone since it's been so long since I've last posted... this first semester has been absolutely CRAZY busy. This first and probably biggest change in my life is that I'm going to start eating clean and healthy!

I was recently talking with my boyfriends mom who is a nutritionist and she was informing me about how foods can affect your skin and it kind of really just clicked for me! I think my skin problems are stemming from the food that I'm eating and I really want that to change! I also have always been in love with Shannon Sullivan, a beauty vlogger, and how natural, organic, and healthy she is! I watched a couple of her Youtube videos that I've missed and gained some inspiration from her as well! 

I also went to BPL and checked out a book on clean eating, specifically called "Feed Your Face" by Jessica Wu. I can't wait to get into it because I actually have time to read now since I'm on winter break!

So I know that cutting food and clean eating is going to be a challenge for me, even though I definitely do not eat horrible (hardly ever drink soda, junk food, etc.) But I do eat a lot and not all of it is fruits and veggies. 

My biggest goals for clean eating:

  1. Clear up my skin
  2. Have a lot more pure energy from filling myself with nutritious foods
  3. Tone my body by eating healthier

I've also heard from a lot of healthy food advocates that baby steps are essential when first starting out on a clean eating diet. So for me, I believe the biggest culprits for my skin problems are from dairy, sugar, and possibly flour/white bread. So to start; I'm cutting out all dairy (okay... maybe not ice cream just yet..) But I'm replacing milk with almond milk and my regular creamer with vanilla soy creamer (which I think is honestly SO much better than any other creamer I've tried!) I am also going to be replacing white bread with wheat bread which in my opinion is a lot tastier.

I know to start I'll have my cheat days here and there but I definitely want to stick to this goal!

Thanks for reading & have a lovely day!
Leave a comment below telling me what your favorite healthy go-to snack or meal is!

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