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November 7, 2016

 Have you ever had the urge to pick up the entirety of your closet, put it in a large bucket and set it on fire? 🔥 That is me the majority of the time I am trying to pick out an outfit. Lately, it's been tough for me and I think it's because my style is changing drastically compared to what I own in my closet. I am starting to be drawn to wearing neutral colors and basic styled pieces. I own... not so much of that.

So alas, I've linked some beautiful, "sigh; if only my wallet was limitless and I didn't share a closet with four other girls" pieces. The pieces that I would be buying if I didn't have a car payment due in a few days.

First things first, my style goes from Audrey Hepburn copycat, to Glamour PR rep, to 90's grunge Winona Ryder follower, to boho chic. WHY is it so hard for me to define a permanent style? Like Jenny from Margo & Me or Julia from Gal Meets Glam? 

I'll tell ya why. Cause I love clothes, So friggin much. And I get over whelmed and buy too much at once and forget what kind of style I am trying to aim for... (more on this concept later this week; there will be a post dedicated to creating a timeless wardrobe). 💸

While it isn't bad to have variety in your clothing, sometimes the easiest way to get dressed in the mornings are by having pieces that coincide with each other and flow seamlessly with others. 
That's why I linked these two stunning black open shoulder tops (first & second). Both are able to be mixed & matched with so many other pieces in your wardrobe. 

The white silk v-neck cami is to die for. I would probably never stop wearing it if I had it in my possession. I'd throw over this charcoal grey cardi pictured above and pair it with those crop fringe jeans.. maybe even add the Gucci belt... outfit perfection + simplicity. ✔️

I'm so into cognac lately as well, and I spotted this crossbody recently on a site called Zaful. Have any of y'all heard about it? I wanna buy some pieces from there but I'm a bit skeptical... Leave me your opinions below. Speaking of accessories, I love this dainty necklace from Baublebar- so wearable with any outfit TBH.

Last but not least, I spotted a coat similar to this self-tie one worn by a gal on the train this weekend and immediatley wanted one. She wore hers with some flare black plazzo pants and she honestly rocked it.
Hope you enjoyed today's post❕❤️

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