Weekend Diaries: St. Anthony's Feast

August 29, 2016 Boston, MA, USA

 The St. Anthony's Feast in The North End is always so much fun. The first time I went was last year in my freshman year of college. It's full of a never ending amount of food, games, and live music. If you live in the Boston area you definitely must check out this festival!

This was on our walk from the train station to the North End. My boyfriend Mike and his friend Erik drove up from Rhode Island and we met in Boston to attend the feast together! (It's so funny, last year we would've been moved into Boston by now, but since we're upperclassmen school doesn't start until a week later). 

 Another must see attraction in Boston, the Holocaust Memorial. I always get such a rush of emotions when visiting and walking through the chambers- and seeing all of those tiny little numbers run up the entire length of them makes me grateful for the world we live in now (even though times may seem hard atm). I also love walking through them at night and seeing the little "stars" under the grates. 

 Live music! I met up with my dad at this part because all of our family was watching our cousin play on stage! (He's the second man in playing the electronic drum set). 

See all of these tents? All of those are food stands. The selection of food is incredible and as soon as you walk even remotely near the North End all you can smell is garlic and it smells sooo delicious. I ended up getting a bowl of chicken, broccoli & ziti and it was amazing. There's other foods than just pasta though, like calzones, meatballs, subs, chicken dishes, and so much more. I also got some fried oreos at the end which were amazing as well.  

I  put together this outfit the night before. This shirt that I'm wearing is so old, like literally it's YEARS old. I think I got it in 7th grade from Wetseal. I just paired it with some white shorts and my slingback wedges and added a colorful bracelet to tie in all of the colors from the shirt!

Have a great Monday :)

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