The Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin

August 15, 2016

So recently I had kind of an unpleasant experience with Bare Minerals skincare... I spent $35 on their Smart Combination moisturizer aka their "Smoothing Lightweight Emulsion." Immediately after applying it to my face after cleansing, I felt that it was stripping my skin and my skin felt tight, dry and stung a bit.. The next few uses I noticed I was breaking out more than usual in my t-zone.. and I pinpointed it down to the moisturizer. I was pretty upset and figured I'd lost the $35 that I spent on it.. so a month went by and I started to realize that there's no way I could just let my $35 go to waste and just sit on my vanity every night. I went into Bare Minerals and talked to an associate and she said I could exchange my purchase for something else! I was so relieved.. but also indecisive because I had to chose what I wanted to spend my $35 on.. I varied between the Original Foundation, a matte lip stick, mascara, but nothing was adding up to the $35 that I had originally spent.
I was kind of iffy about investing in another skin care product from Bare Minerals since the first time didn't work out so well.. But then she introduced me to some moisturizers- specifically the Bare Haven, True Oasis and the Butter Drench
After some evaluation, I narrowed my choices down to the Bare Haven and the Butter Drench. The Bare Haven is for normal to dry skin types.. which sort of made me question that choice because my skin is more on the dry side than normal. I looked into the Butter Drench and it just made so much more sense to me! 
The Butter Drench deeply immerses your skin in rich, luxurious moisture. This baby is enriched with Shea butter (which makes it smell so amazing!) As soon as I applied this moisturizer to my face, my skin immediately felt baby soft. It was amazing- I was so surprised. Then, I'm not even kidding, within two days my acne/breakouts cleared up almost completely. 
This moisturizer is amazing. It's like a treatment and it just indulges your skin with moisture, but isn't too thick. Since it is more of a treatment I tend to only wear it at night, but sometimes I can get away with wearing it during the day as well. It sinks into the skin so well. I love this product so much! Definitely a 5/5 in my book :)

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