Layering Lingerie

August 17, 2016

Hey ladies! Don't you just love the look of layered lingerie? I think it is such a sultry way to expose your favorite lingerie & bralette pieces. Bralettes came and conquered when they started becoming a trend about two years ago, now every girl I know wears them all of the time- some even replacing wearing their bras!

Today I'm here to give you some tips on how to layer your lingerie, where to buy your pieces, and how to style it.

Every girls dream is to own a piece by For Love and Lemons. I mean, their pieces are irresistible- delicate lace decals, mesh cups, floral lace inserts- the brand screams ultra femininity and sexiness. If I could afford FL&L, I totally would buy my lingerie from there. Here's a list of great places to buy some:

Now, as for layering lingerie- it's all about combining simple pieces with contrasting textures. I paired most of my bralettes with an over-sized, slouchy, knit sweater. The texture of the knitted sweater against the lace of the bralette creates a sensual look. It's a good idea to add simple jewelry & accessories as well- pieces that will enhance the outfit. A simple watch will do the trick, or adding a layered necklace will create a bohemian vibe.  I've linked a TON of pieces for you to look at, including some amazing sweaters from Missguided to layer with your bralettes, and some gorgeous layered necklaces. Check them out below! 

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