Festival Wear

June 16, 2016

 In honor of my amazing boyfriend heading to Delaware with all of his friends for Firefly Music Festival (I am actually dying of FOMO right now) I've created a Festival Wear Guide! I was thinking about whether I wanted to go to this festival for a really long time, and kept coming up with excuses like the tickets costing too much, not being able to get work off, etc. But as soon as my boyfriend left yesterday to drive down, I was instantly regretting the decision to not go. Sometimes, you have to splurge and do things for yourself that you know you are going to love without over thinking it. This seriously taught me to start doing things with no regrets and to just do it. Some of my favorite artists like Deadmau5, the 1975, Grouplove, and soooo many more are attending Firefly and I'm so excited for Michael to see all of them!

If I were going to this festival, I'd definitely be wearing some of the pieces listed above! High waisted shorts are always a must at festivals- call it "basic central" but high waisted shorts are perfect because they show off all of your assets without being too revealing (just make sure you don't get them too small- I encountered that problem and was pretty uncomfortable while wearing them). Wearing them can make any girl feel like 100%.
Ahh the white off the shoulder blouse- another music festival staple. Many have gained the inspiration of Kendall Jenner's Coachella 2014 look with her off the shoulder bell sleeved top- and I'm not going to deny that it looks beautiful on her. There's something about wearing an off the shoulder top- it makes you feel sexy, but not too sexy; like you're showing off just enough. It's also a good top to help keep you cool in the heat.
The platform sandal has always been on my wishlist. I love the way this looks on people and I praise girls who can pull it off. I think with me, I'm already pretty tall as it is so wearing platform sandals would make me feel like I'm towering over people, lol. One day I bet I will just buy them though! Another option for shoes are the sandal espadrilles. They look super comfortable for a day on your feet and really breathable. 
As for accessories, you can go wild. I love using jewelry to enhance a look- and in particular I felt that this outfit would be complimented amazingly by gold jewelry. Gold just screams festival to me for some reason. Crossbody bags are also a must- or backpacks. I'd be a little skeptical carrying around a clutch with me at a music festival- way too many opportunities to lose it. Flower crowns- I'm sure about 99.9% of the girls at music festivals are going to be wearing them; but WHO cares?? Y'all can look like gorgeous little garden goddesses all together and make the boys swoon ;) I own a few flower crowns and I love them- obviously super boho/hippie which is kind of the whole theme of music festivals anyways! To come together all as one and enjoy nothing but the music, friends and nature around you. 

Let me know if you're going to be attending any festivals this summer and what you plan on wearing; I'd love to hear about it! :) 

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