Dijon Mustard Salmon

January 12, 2018

Food/nutrition has always been something that I have been so interested in, and I always have wanted to incorporate it in my blog more. However I almost never cook because I'm always so busy running around! So, I reached out to my friend from high school, Layla, who studies nutrition/dietetics at UNH, and asked her if I could share some of her recipes that she makes from her nutrition instagram page (@layla.fit). You will be able to find all of her posts/recipes by clicking on the tag #layla.fit or by checking out the contributors section of my about page to get the link to all of the posts by her! I have really been wanting local contributors to add dimension to the blog, so I am thrilled to have her expertise! Who better than a gal studying at the University of New Hampshire?! Anyways, this meal looks sooo incredible and the recipe is SO easy. Read on to learn how she makes it!

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one of the best dinners i've ever made😍 finally decided to treat myself and purchased some fresh, local wild Atlantic salmon!
i made a dijon mustard salmon with balsamic roasted veggies and garlic quinoa. i prepped 2 more of these dinners for the next couple of days and have some extra salmon for salads πŸ˜‹
this was my first time cooking salmon

  • {400 degrees for 15 minutes, layered salmon in dijon mustard, pepper, some salt, breadcrumbs, and olive oil} 
  • cooked with the veggies {brussel sprouts, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms} that are tossed in balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and pepper πŸ˜›

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